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Our experienced staff provide the highest level of services including Physiotherapy, Women’s Health Physio, Clinical Pilates, Remedial Massage, Yoga and Podiatry to the people of the Gold Coast. We accept payments through private health cover as well as private paying patients. If you are planning on using private health cover, remedial massage is normally included under your extras policy – code number 205.

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Combining deep tissue, lymphatic and relaxation techniques to give the ideal treatment tailored to your current needs. Fan has extensive training and experience in a variety of body work techniques such as remedial, meridian, Swedish, deep tissue and sound healing massage. This treatment is usually considered to fall in the Fourth Trimester which is a time of many physical, physiological, hormonal and emotional changes for mothers. Postnatal massage can also include abdominal massage and caesarean scar healing massage .

Melissa has worked in the industry since then, and takes pride in the thorough treatments she provides to her clients, utilizing techniques and skills she has acquired through additional training and experience. As a mum of three children, and a retired state and national level competitive athlete Linda can see the benefits of massage for all. While pre and post-natal massage is a passion of hers, she feels massage is important for the whole family, children included. She believes no matter what 여성전용마사지 age, learning to appreciate and understand our bodies is incredibly important; massage can support us to function at our best. Melanie completed Suzanne Yates Advanced Pregnancy Massage Course in 2014 at the Shiatsu College in Brunswick, here she deepened her skills in supporting women both in pregnancy and in the post natal period. In 2018 Melanie upgraded her massage training from Therapeutic qualification to a Diploma of Remedial Massage at The Collective Wellness Institute in Hawthorn.


A beautiful massage style, aided with smooth heated Basalt stones, melting away tension and awakening the body’s natural healing mechanisms and deep relaxation. Melanie brings together holistic massage treatments to support her clients as individuals, drawing on her knowledge, skills and experience over the last 17 years of practice. I have been visiting Nora recently for exercise sessions tailored to my personal needs and ability and for massage therapy. Nora’s wealth of knowledge on the body and appropriate exercises have enabled me to progress greatly with the rehabilitation of injury as well as to progress on my own body needs. She is in tune with areas requiring attention, and enables relief and healing with her ‘Magic Hands’. Thank you, Nora, for your dedication and service in helping people in this way.

A deep-tissue massage – particularly one that focuses on the lower part of the body – is excellent for circulation. If there was a way to dial down stress, tension, and even PMS symptoms all at once, who wouldn’t jump right on that opportunity? The good news is you can, and it’s not a pill or a gimmick – the answer is massage therapy. The extra stressors of everyday life make self-care all the more vital to our overall wellbeing. This is because the muscles of the individual being stretched are relaxed, allowing for a deeper and much more specific stretch. Regular weekly or fortnightly massage can improve the fitness or sports performance of an individual.

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Natalie and Stephanie have a passion for women’s health, including pregnancy massage and all musculoskeletal injuries. Micks special interested lies in sports injuries following his background as a professional athlete. Massage therapy is used for a multitude of conditions such as headaches, stress, muscle tension, lymphatic congestion and improves the overall function of the body systems. It can be applied for stress relief and relaxation purposes or as a complement to physiotherapy treatment in order to enhance recovery from sports and lifestyle related injuries. Pregnancy massage, as the name suggests, is a form of massage therapy designed specifically to benefit pregnant women.

women's massage

Our highly trained Women’s Health Physios are passionate about helping women achieve their health and well-being goals. They commonly treat pre and post-natal women, pelvic floor conditions, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse and more. Much of the back and hip pain experienced during pregnancy is caused by these issues. That’s why we recommend regular check-ups during your pregnancy to make sure your spine and pelvis are functioning and moving appropriately.

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Women who undergo massage therapy during pregnancy consistently report decreased anxiety, stress, leg pain, lower back pain and improved sleep. Pregnancy massage has even proved to be effective during labour in managing pain and improving the emotional experience that labour can bring on. Studies show that stress can cause migraines, hypertension , depression, peptic ulcers, etc. In fact, researchers have estimated 80% of disease is stress-related. Soothing and relaxing massage therapy can counteract the effects of stress.

women's massage

Our Postnatal Recovery Program is designed to support you with pelvic floor health, difficulties with breast-feeding due to mastitis, breast engorgement and irregular milk flow and hormonal fluctuations. At Noosa Body Mechanics, we can support you during pregnancy and preparing for birth, as well as providing unique solutions for women who may be experiencing difficulty in becoming pregnant. Overall, we help you strengthen your body and mind for all stages of pregnancy and motherhood. Please note, Louisa’s services are currently not covered by private health insurance. The government is undertaking a review of recent changes that removed rebates for Naturopathy services.


If you can not find a day / time that suits for a massage treatment please use the ‘contact me’ section with your preferred day / time and I will be in contact with you. Over the years Melissa has developed a real passion to support women in all stages of preconception, pregnancy, post-natal and beyond. In 2012 Melissa chose to specialise further in this area and completed further training with Pregnancy Massage Australia.

Much more than a massage, this nurturing, aromatic treatment will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Sonya encourages you to really let go and disconnect from the world with a combination of essential oils and massage specific to your needs. Aromatherapy massage is an important part of self-care during pregnancy, and also postnatally to nurture new mothers as they recover from birth and adjust to the demands of motherhood.

This can be to address injuries or reduce pain and tightness, but also plays a key role in enhancing recovery and preventing injuries, to ensure that athletes are able to perform at their peak. Our experts at Revolve can also give you advice and suggest training modifications and exercises that may be beneficial. The list of benefits for infant massage is extensive, including improved sleep, relief of colic and reflux and enhanced immunity. We take a tailored approach, targeting key areas of your body chosen by you and your physiotherapist.


A woman who is nourished by her sexuality feels peace, harmony and emotional stability. She cleanses and recharges herself in this field of positive vibration. A woman nourished by her sexual energy may find more inspiration, power and creativity in her life. A woman who bathes in this sunshine feels love and resonance in her heart. She radiates this smile onto her loved ones and the people around her.

With her 10 years of experience and holistic treatment approach, you can be assured you will get the correct care. Our Physios are available to provide 20, 40 or 60 minute massages at a variety of times to suit your busy schedule. I don’t usually write a review but there was so many negative reviews I wanted to let 24시간마사지 people know that knows anything about reflexology these insoles are GREAT. I started wearing them with thick socks, now I can walk all day on them with thin socks. I have them inside my crocks because that’s what I wear around the house. The knobs are pretty firm but if they weren’t they wouldn’t do much good.


If you are not 100% satisfied with our service, please let us know within 24 hours of your treatment and your next standard appointment will be free. Rewire neural pathways through exercise physiology, to help manage Parkinson’s Disease and its symptoms including tremors, imbalance and stiffness. My therapist, Nuria, knows exactly what treatment I need and delivers that every time. This reduction in heart rate indicates a relaxation response to the treatment.

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Sherry does Dry Needling, Trigger Point, Myofascial Release, Cupping and Mobilisation. DEEP TISSUE – uses a deeper pressure which is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. From a relaxing massage through to a therapeutic one, Abbey caters to your body. The neck is very mobile, which means it is less stable than other areas of the body and more susceptible to injury. Trauma, poor posture and degenerative diseases, such as arthritis, are the most common causes of neck pain.

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The Yoga she is taking me through is easy to replicate at home and calms me down prior to going to bed for a peaceful night sleep. The massages she does also unblocks and cleans the system internally. During massage, the pregnant woman should provide feedback on the pressure and level of discomfort. She should also not lie flat on her back for long periods after 19 weeks. Sidelying positions with lots of pillows to support the legs and belly is a favourite. Or supported sitting whilst leaning forwards may be another comfortable position.

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Mother of two beautiful children, Melanie has a passion and dedication for supporting women within their pregnancies and birthing experiences. Her experience and interests in women’s health and wellbeing inspired her to establish her own business. Qi Rhythm was born in 2004 out of a desire to create a supportive, pre and post-natal network for women. Pregnancy is a beautiful part of life, but it can also be a physically and mentally gruelling experience at times. New methods of relieving strain, stress and discomfort are always being devised, and there are few better options than pre and post-natal massage.


The process of remedial massage locates and releases aggravated areas of the body, speeding up the body’s healing processes. Sadhana has been in practice as a massage therapist for over 35 years in the USA & Australia. The current strategies many Australians use to manage stress, such as watching TV, often compound the problem and create a perpetual cycle of poor health.


She is passionate about the positive benefits of massage therapy and wants to ensure her clients leave feeling like they have physically and mentally benefited from massage. A woman’s connection with her Yoni in a sensual experience is one of the main things women need to explore. It is very misunderstood, and it can change your life for the better. A Yoni massage lets you experience how to connect much deeper and gives you a lot more out of the whole experience of Tantric Massage.

Our goal as your natural health therapist is to provide you with gentle care, understanding and sanctuary. A soothing massage to de-stress, release muscle tension and balance body and mind. Louisa uses a unique blend of Swedish, remedial and relaxation techniques to provide the perfect combination of soft tissue massage for tension release and blissful relaxation. During pregnancy women experience significant hormonal changes in the body, and this can result in a wide range of symptoms.

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At Lively Physiotherapy, we offer a range of massage techniques including remedial/deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage for expecting mothers and a combined technique of remedial massage & Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through the use of hands-on techniques to your muscles, massage aims to increase flexibility and decrease pain. Sports massage will often utilise various modalities such as remedial massage, trigger point therapy, cross fibre techniques and deep tissue work.

The excess weight your body carries when you’re pregnant can elevate the occurrence of back pain. Back pain and pelvic girdle pain is one of the most common complaints during pregnancy. Massage targets pressure points, releasing tension and loosening up the muscles.


Massage will be performed either in side-lying or on our pregnancy belly pillow . Massage reduces peripheral swelling, soothes the nervous system, helps to prevent insomnia, muscle cramps and back pain. Provides a healing treatment that can be gentle or strong, deep or shallow. Muscles are manually manipulated to release tension, suitable for active people or re-occurring muscular pain. Young families come to us because we have a special interest in working with infants, children & pregnant women.

Your first massage appointment at unique physio clinic will begin with the therapist performing a FREE 15 min consultation surrounding your medical history and information relevant to your pain and/or injury. The massage therapists will also discuss your preferred treatment style and goals for this session and beyond, before beginning the massage. That more regular massaging yields better results when it comes to relaxation and pain relief compared to the occasional massage, or none at all.

Just an hour a week or a session a month on the massage table can vastly improve not only your mood but the health of your body. Busy, full schedules and demanding jobs make self-care harder to focus on than ever. Whether you work at home or in an office, an imbalance between your responsibilities and relaxation time is enough to spike stress levels. A lower back and leg massage that encourages blood flow has the added benefit of relieving PMS and period-related aches, pains, and cramping. It also has the ability to put a temporary roadblock before pain signals in your brain. Neck and back pain relief is caused by muscle imbalance and imperfect posture.


Sar’s tranquil therapy rooms are located conveniently in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Bondi Beach. Through safe and nurtured support you’ll find connection, returning home to your self; embodied. Dip(Sp&RemTher) is an experienced therapist who has worked with the Melbourne Storm, Rabbitohs, Cricket NSW & Australian Men’s & Women’s Rugby Sevens.

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We also employ special techniques that avoid the abdomen, keeping you and your unborn infant safe. We have helped many soon to be expecting, and post-partum mums with their aches and pains. We understand that the first major concern you might have is whether chiropractic is safe for a soon-to-be mother and baby. Firstly, it might be easier to understand what chiropractic actually does, and how it might help. Chiropractic predominantly focuses on the spine, and as chiropractors we aim to help maintain the joints of the spine by making a number of small adjustments.

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With a reduction in tightness or stiffness an athlete can perform at their highest level more consistently and make more effective use of training. An increase in flexibility means that a joint is able to use its full range of motion resulting in a stronger more efficient movement. RELAXATION – is a smooth, gentle, flowing style that promotes general relaxation, relieves muscular tension, plus improves circulation and range of movement. Not only can problems be addressed, but also to work towards prevention of a healthy spine as they grow throughout the many developmental stages.

We work to get to the root of your issue with every age group from newborn babies, new mums going through pregnancy, to the elderly. We are looking for a massage therapist who is enthusiastic about contributing to a team and keen to take on communication and education roles. A genuine drive to offer gold standard care for clients and consistently improve is a must. She offers a truly therapeutic massage drawing on her kind and intuitive nature. She brings an intentional healing approach and is able to work out areas of tension using a variety of techniques, including muscle testing, trigger pointing, stretching and cupping.